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Feeling stuck in your career isn't just frustrating, it seriously affects the quality of your life. Do you want to follow your passion and build a business around being a full time writer? Our Free Workbook, following the famous design thinking method, will not only guide you in simple steps to find your true passion but will also give you the tools to manifest your ideal writing career.


FREE Career Inspiration Workbook


You are ready for a change but are not sure what you want to do? Guess what? I was there not long ago. After 15 years climbing up the corporate ladder, I found myself in a very secure and well paid job in an international firm. I had a company car, a pension plan, a yearly bonus and very good prospects ahead of me. However, there were so many things that upset me.

Not only, was I not using my full potential, I also felt trapped. I longed to be my own boss, and wake up to do things that I was passionate about. I spent years in this mode of "I need to make a change but I don't know what and how", because I did not have the tools to figure out what I truly wanted. Finally, I could not ignore it any longer. I knew I had to make a change. After searching the world over for answers, I found a mentor who helped me get unstuck.

We designed a step by step framework to get clarity on my vision and goals. I found that by making only small moves toward my goals, I was able to focus better and make steady progress. Over many iterations, I developed my 4 stage signature framework to design, build and promote my dream business.

Find out where your Passion lies with our FREE Career Inspiration Workbook!