Interview Series

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Interview Series: James lewis Huss

In this weeks author interview series, we would like to introduce you to the very talented writer, James Lewis Huss, a teacher in English Literature and language in Taiwan with a BA and MA in English. James a prolific poet with numerous awards and publications is also the winner of A Writers Business Poetry competition. Read more about this interesting writer in the interview…

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Interview Series: Vivian Glazier

Today we chat to the talented Vivian Glazier from Austin Texas. Vivian is a writer, poet and actor and she recently published her first poetry book, One Whole World. Check out the Interview here


Interview Series: Sandra Bats

Today we chat to the dystopian young adult fiction writer Sandra Bats, from Frankfurt, Germany. She recently published her first book “Persephone’s Curse”, a character-driven, upper YA dystopian novel that asks complex questions about healing and forgiving others in a world devastated by a horrid virus. Check out the Interview here…


Interview Series: Nivedita MishrA

In this weeks author interview we talk to the talented author, Nivedita Priyadarshini Mishra, a Master student in English Literature, from Himachal Pradesh, India. This young author writes about everything that touches her heart, from social justice, human emotions to metaphysical aspects. Nivedita is currently working on her first book, ‘Loud Whispers’, which investigates the multiple aspects of human life that pulsate within the deepest recesses of the heart. Read the full interview here…


Interview Series: Steven Friedman


Today we chat to the children’s author Steven Friedman, from Long Island. His latest book Ollie & Sophia, is a fun, loving and adventurous story that takes place in the jungle. Read more about the book and Steven’s work here…