Interview Series: Nivedita Mishra


In this weeks author interview series, we would like to introduce you to the very talented writer, Nivedita Priyadarshini Mishra, a Master student in English Literature, from Himachal Pradesh, India. This young author, who has started her writing journey already as a child, writes about everything that touches her heart, from social justice, human emotions to metaphysical aspects. Nivedita is currently working on her first book, ‘Loud Whispers’, which chronicles the multiple aspects of human life that pulsate within the deepest recesses of the heart.

When talking to Nivedita about her writing practise and her aspirations, I was struck by her heartfelt passion to inspire others and leave an impact in society. This rising talent is definitely an author to look out for. See for yourself by reading the full interview below.


Nivedita Mishra

Himachal Pradesh, India

1. Where do you live and how does it influence your writing?

I am currently residing in the beautiful city of Shimla, which also happens to be the capital of Himachal Pradesh. A mountain girl at heart, this city with it’s rich historical heritage has never failed to enrapture my writing sensibilities. Most of what I write comes from what I observe, and this town is always abuzz with a plethora of social, cultural & artistic activities – from top notch plays being performed by the local artists in the Gaiety Theatre, to poetry convocations happening at the University, or simply indulging in intellectual conversations sitting in community houses and old style cafés scattered across the city…all these provide me with enough impetus to grab my pen and paper and give an outlet to the pot pourri of ideas, thoughts & emotions surging within. With immense natural beauty at offer, it is inevitable for me to get inspired…and so all my write-ups are tainted with the simple, rustic, heart warming flavours of the mountain life.

2. What inspires you to write?

I think my inquisitive eyes and nomadic soul is often successful in drawing inspiration from everything big and small. Anything I witness in my outer world that jolts my senses inspires me to write, and any novel lesson that I discover from within inspires me to write too. Social injustices, Environmental upheavels, defiant human spirit and life itself….they serve as unending fuel to fire my passion for composition.

3. When did you first start writing and what was it about?

My relationship with the mighty pen dates back to my school days. From taking part in various competitions to simple diary enteries of a teenage girl, writing proved to be therapeautic and a constant joy giver. The themes during my early days would usually be simple…like love or friendship. I started to indulge in it more seriously during my undergraduation days where I discovered new writing apps and online communities, getting in touch with fellow writers and honing my skills in the process.

4. What is your favourite genre and why ?

Well, that’s a difficult one. My heart is guilty of courting many genres simultaneously, but my top two would be Fiction and Autobiographies. In the former, we get an insight into the human mind and it’s working, the way it spins stories and lively characters…while in the latter, we get an insight into the working of the divine power, the impeccable craftsmanship of the supreme authority as it constructs the life story of an eminent personality. My mind is in awe of the unfathomable intellectual power of both- the anthropogenic and divine forces, and they give me the best of both worlds- the Ideal & the Realistic.

5. Who inspires you and why ?

I’m inspired by all the young achievers in my country…especially the women achievers who’ve made a mark by breaking the shackles of rampant misogyny. From a female worker laboring hard at a construction site to celebrity authors such as Rupi Kaur and Jhumpa Lahiri, I’m inspired by the indomitable feminine spirit.

6. Do you support yourself through writing financially, or do you have a day job and what is it?

No, as of now I’m fully concentrating on my studies, pursuing my Masters in English Literature….Though I do aspire to become an acknowledged writer, earning fair enough to indulge in it full time.

7.  How many hours a day do you spend writing and what helps you to get into the writing mood ?

I do not have any particular time designated for writing….for inspiration can strike you anywhere, at any hour. Also I could spend as less as 5 minutes writing a short quote or as long as two hours working on a long saga. It’s all impromptu and unplanned, cause it’s all from the heart. Though I must mention that a cup of coffee and a good book certainly are factors that stimulate my writing spirit into action.

8. And what’s the best moment you’ve had in your writing career so far?

I wouldn’t say I’ve reached the pinnacle of my writing career…infact it is in it’s inceptional stage….A long journey lies ahead. But so far I have been blessed with quite a few joyful moments - with my write-ups getting published in anthologies such as ‘The Girl’, ‘Spectrum of Thoughts’ and ‘Anubhooti’. Online publishing on sites such as StoryMirror and getting featured on various social media pages proved to be a boon. And most of all, working as the student Editor in College and creative writing head for a few organizations has helped me feel proud of my abilities with the written word.

9. What are you working on next ?

My first priority would be to publish my own book. I have been working on it’s manuscript for over a month now…and I hope to finish it in the upcoming 6 months. The book shall be titled ‘Loud Whispers’. It shall chronicle the multiple aspects of human life that pulsate within the deepest recesses of the heart, gentle enough to remind us of their constant existence but loud enough to propel us into their outward expression, and hence the chosen title.

10. Where would you like to see yourself in three years time.

I would like to see myself accomplish quite a few goals within the short span of 3 years. From being independent financially to seeing my words make an impact amongst the reading community…and having my own brand…I shall be striving to achieve it all.

11. Can you give any advice for an aspiring writing?

Just follow your heart. And you shall always land up where you’re meant to be. Be a curious observer, a sympathetic listener, a deep thinker, an avid learner and an independent worker. I feel these qualities automatically help in writing works that revolutionize the world as we see it.

To read some of Nivedita’s work visit Storymirror and follow her on Instagram.