Our Services

No author is the same, everyone is unique with their own dreams, talents and values. Our services are tailored for each and everyones unique requirements.


Your writing Career design

We work with you to identify your ideal writing career through proven design thinking methods. Our training packages range from genre identification, through to audience identification, branding, publishing and marketing. Book a one to one design thinking session here…


Book Marketing

Work one on one over Skype with a publishing consultant in order to gain confidence and to develop your digital and offline marketing strategy. Our training is tailored for you taking into account your unique needs, strengths and pain points. Book your session here…


Book design & Branding

Impress potential publishers or customers with a professional book cover design and personal brand. Our packages range from book cover design, illustrations to full brand development. Check out our packages…


Writing Residencies

Are you having trouble finishing your book at home? A Writers Business will support you to find and secure the most suitable location or residency for your writing project. Find out more here…


Writers Community

Join our collective and get the best support to start up your writing career. With a wealth of common experience, market data, info on copyright laws and regulations, we will remove the red tape for you, so that you can concentrate on what you are best at. Join Writers Business Facebook Group!