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You are ready for a change but are not sure what you want to do? Guess what? I was there not long ago. After 15 years climbing up the corporate ladder, I found myself in a very secure and well paid job in an international firm. I had a company car, a pension plan, a yearly bonus and very good prospects ahead of me. However, there were so many things that upset me.

Not only, was I not using my full potential, I also felt trapped. I longed to be my own boss, and wake up to do things that I was passionate about. I spent years in this mode of "I need to make a change but I don't know what and how", because I did not have the tools to figure out what I truly wanted. Finally, I could not ignore it any longer. I knew I had to make a change. After searching the world over for answers, I found a mentor who helped me get unstuck.

We designed a step by step framework to get clarity on my vision and goals. I found that by making only small moves toward my goals, I was able to focus better and make steady progress. Over many iterations, I developed my 4 stage signature framework to design, build and promote my dream business.

Find out where your Passion lies with our FREE Career Inspiration Workbook!