Poet Interview Series: Aishwarya Pandere

Aishwarya Pandere is a name that will be known. We are absolutely sure of it. This ambitious and passionate young poet has captured our hearts as soon as she joined A Writers Business Community. Aishwarya just has all the elements to make it big time. She is not only eager to learn and grateful to receive feedback but she overcame the barriers to tell what she truly feels and will never give up to reach her dream, which is to make the world a better place. She is truly soul aligned in everything she does. Aishwarya is the type of person that we know will succeed because she is a go getter with heart. Read the interview below and find out for yourself what makes Aishwarya so special.

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1. Where do you live and how does it influence your writing? 

I live in Mumbai- the city of dreams. My writing isn't much influenced by where I live, physically. It is born from where I live, mentally. And trust me, the world I have inside my head feeds a lot on faith and love. Faith and love for all my dreams. Okay, this might have something to do with the "city of dreams" that I live in. (smirks) 

2. When did you first become passionate about poetry and what attracted you to it? 

I think I have always been a writer, since school in fact! Growing up in a family where voices weren't appreciated or even supported, I always found myself venting out through endless letters to self, to God, to my dream country. Writing just happened to me and I decided to treasure it. (smiles) 

3. What inspires you to write? 

The fact that one day, the words written in my book will find shelter in bags, purses and bookshelves of children suffering from abuse. This inspires me to write and create, primarily. 

I also get a lot of inspiration from the lush green trees, the intensity of love I have for my dreams, the intricacies of life, the beautiful dance of waves on a beach and of course, I get highly inspired by anything romantic. I love love! 

4. Do you publish your Poetry on other channels but Instagram? 

No. But I would love to. 

5. Who is your favorite Instapoet and why? 

Najwa Zebian (Hands down). Hear her once and you'll know why! Her voice is mesmerizing. Her intellect, phenomenal. And her heart, it's the kindest! 

6. Tell us a bit about your personal style. 

A lover, a dreamer and an enthusiast. Mix them up. Voila! You just created me! 

7. Can you tell us a little about your writing process? How do you come up with poems and how do you edit them? 

I am such a spontaneous person. It’s difficult to pin me down to a process. I have learned that most of my ideas come in flashes. So whenever something strikes my mind, I make a note of it on my cell phone. And once I begin making a note, I often end up creating an entire writeup. I still don't have it in me to leave my thoughts unfinished. Also, I believe that writing in the moment births terrific content. Next, I try to blend my writeup with some creativity. We all know that words soaked in creativity work magic. 

8. Do you support yourself through writing financially, or do you have a day job and what is it? 

I believe that the financial factor will soon step in. However, for now, I am working as a Content Writer in a corporate company. I strongly believe that my current job is funding my dreams. I like to see it that way. 

9. How many hours a day do you spend writing and what helps you to get into the writing mood? 

Mostly, I write all at once. Mainly, on weekends or on really tough, gloomy or happy days. I don’t specifically need to get into the writing mood because my life itself is one, big mood! The most amount of time I spend on is blending my words with creativity. I enjoy doing that a lot.

10. And what’s the best moment you’ve had with your poetry so far? 

There was a phase in my life when my heart couldn’t concentrate on my day job at all. All I wanted to do was create my own writeups and really do something about it (that’s how my Instagram page was born). And I am proud to say that I listened to my heart. I used to sit in my college library and write poems every day from 11-6 p.m. Poetry made me do this. It made me realise the depth of my writing. That proved to be my life-changing moment. 

11. How do you respond to writer’s block or not knowing what to write? 

I start watching movies. They often tell me what to think next. 

12. What are you working on next? 

A book based on a very special bond; that of a mother and her daughter. 

13. Where would you like to see yourself in three years time? 

I see myself talking with sisters and brothers around the globe on topics like parental abuse, autism, the beauty of dreams and the treasured bonds of life. I see all of us, celebrating life :) 

I see myself writing and creating more, with every passing day while living my best life. 

14. What advice would you give young poets just starting out? 

Don't be afraid of posting or sharing your work. Ever. If you can't love your own work then why do you think someone else will? 

Fun fact: I have hearted/liked my every post on Instagram. I adore my work and I always will.

15. Do you think poetry has a greater purpose? 

The beautiful thing about poetry is, it makes you feel. And feeling is knowing that you are still alive. Now, isn’t that the greatest purpose of all?


Aishwarya Pandere thank you so much for your time to give us an insight into your motivations and process to write poetry. We will support you in your journey that we will know is going to be fabulous.

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